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some stuff about me


*you can reach out to me personally for exclusive B-roll of me yelling at people at 5 in the morning


***when I was 14 I posed for professional photos while holding a Carls Jr. cup

Greetings fellow kids, my name is Andrew, Andy if we're close. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE is my name Drew. I like to act, write, direct*, sing**, and model***.

I, unlike most actors, am based in Manhattan and recently graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts where I studied acting and film production at Stonestreet Studios, and minored in Producing. I also spent some time at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, and featured in the world premiere of Times Square, a new musical in partnership with The Civilians.

I am represented by Stewart Talent in their legit, commercial, voiceover, and print divisions and recently featured in an ad campaign for Facebook regarding industrial cyberbullying, where I played a teen who cries while holding a laptop. Typecasting. What can you do?


In addition to acting professionally, I co-created and starred in a Filthy Rich, a comedic mystery webseries, now streaming on Amazon Prime. I have also recently begun performing stand up comedy in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and my writing has also been featured on The Broadway Beat, Humor Times, and funny-ish.comas well as the very exclusive and prestigious

I see how long this About section is but I'm just gonna keep going, cause what are you gonna do, stop reading?

My time at Tisch and the years since have been some of the most eye-opening and rewarding experiences of my life, teaching me that while things might not work out right now, when I'm old enough to be professionally cast as dads, boy howdy are things gonna look up, so in the meantime please enjoy this EXTREMELY well-made website.

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